Historic Galveston: Texas’s Most Gay Friendly Destination?

Published Date Author: , April 23rd, 2011

Boshop's Palace, Galveston, TXListen carefully to the locals when you head south of Houston to go beachcombing: Most don’t refer to their town as “Galveston;” they will call it “Galveston Island.” Being an island is a big part of the lifestyle in this strip of land along the Texas Gulf Coast. Islanders have a different mindset than mainlanders, even when their spit of dirt is connected via a causeway. There’s a separateness to being here, which sometimes manifests as a survivalist mentality.

You need that easygoing independence if you’re gonna be front-and-center during hurricane season: You’re on your own, but you also stick together. (You’ll need to know the difference between a boy, a “boi” and a BOI — Born On Island — if you don’t wanna insult someone … or find the right guy on Grindr.)

Galveston Island has weathered (literally) its share of devastation. The Great Storm of 1900 — it doesn’t even have a name; it came before hurricanes needed them — turned most of the island’s homes into matchsticks, nearly wiping out the economy (it had been an economic powerhouse, but was usurped by Houston after that). That led to the building of the Sea Wall, the longest continuous sidewalk in the world and a barrier that has more than done its job.

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leigh bray said on April 28, 2017, 12:43 pm:

i am looking for an area in galvestion tx to live that is a gay community any suggestions

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