UK: First Ever Gay Pride for East Lancashire?

Published Date Author: , March 30th, 2011

East Lancashire Gay PrideEast Lancashire’s first ever gay pride festival could be held in Burnley this summer. The event would consist of a day of colourful parades and activities and would be supported by local bars.

Already 158 people have joined the ‘Burnley Pride’ group and a number have shown an interest in helping plan the day. Organisers hope the event will be similar to popular gay pride festivals which take place in Manchester and Blackpool.

Jay Howarth, who at weekends performs as alter ego Zanadu Minnelli in Burnley’s Guys as Dolls bar, said there was a strong desire for a pride event in the town. He said: “Things are still at an early stage but there is definitely a will to make something happen.

Full Story from The Burnley Citizen

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