South by Southwest: Gayer Than You Think

Published Date Author: , March 27th, 2011

Gay South by SouthwestMaybe you avoided SXSW this year because paying $1,250 for an all-access badge and waiting in line to see obscure musicians doesn’t sound like your idea of “a gay ol’ time.” But you are so wrong, gurl. There’s tons of queer fun happening at SXSW every year, most of it inexpensive and easy to get into. In fact, we found 10 of the queerest (and semi-secret) festival delights — with tons of links to some of this year’s hottest acts — so that if you decide to go next year, you won’t feel like the only gay in the village. Check out our top 10 after the jump.

10. The Austin Chronicle’s Gay Place – Though Austin’s a big city with a small-town feel, its cornucopia of cultural offerings can confound even the most cosmopolitan queer. Thank goodness The Austin Chronicle’s Gay Place blog and weekly tabloid section provides a great rundown of each week’s best events. During SXSW they suggested catching awesome lesbian rap duo God-Des and She and Barbarella’s kickin’ weekly dance party Tuezgayz. Plus, you can usually find the delightful dyke editor Kate X Messer and her wily band of contributors popping around town, always willing to have a chat and a drink (or three).

9. The loads of cute folk — Whether you like social media tech dorks, artsy fartsy film fags, or lesbian music lovers you’ll find plenty of eye-candy strolling around the festival. Admittedly, everyone looks so darned stylish that it’s sometimes hard to the queers from the merely hot, but striking up conversations with random hotties helped me meet the bi-podcaster of Beyond 6th Wade Ober, Outcast radio host Stephen Rice, and gay music promoter Kip Kouri.

Full Story from the Dallas Voice

Click here for gay travel resources in Austin and the Texas Hill Country.

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