Lesbian Travel: What to Pack for Dinah Shore

Author: , March 25th, 2011

Dinah Shore Palm SpringsYou may think that packing your bags to go to Palm Springs for Dinah Shore Weekend would be just like packing for any other vacation, and you would be so incredibly wrong! When you’re getting your stuff together for the biggest lezzer bikini dance party crazyfest in the USA, you have to make sure you consider every possible situation that could arise, including but not limited to every single person getting her period at the exact same time. Also, needing a ponytail holder.

Lucky for you, Team Autostraddle has braved the wilds of Dinah Shore Weekend before. So we’re exceptionally qualified to give you all sorts of advice on what to bring and how to be prepared for the debauchery — I MEAN GOOD CLEAN WHOLESOME FUN.


1. A corkscrew. You’d be surprised how frustrating it is when you don’t have one. Last year Julie Goldman saved my life, and you could make so many friends if you had a corkscrew on you. Believe me. Or circumvent this issue altogether and see #3.

2. Inflatable anything. Kelsey and I picked up an inflatable shark and turtle and the rest is HISTORY. By that I mean, Kelsey posed for lots of super cute photo-ops with those guys.

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Australia: Sydney’s Mardi Gras One of Australia’s Biggest Tourism Draws

Author: , March 25th, 2011

Sydney Mardi Gras“I want to see glitter and sequins and feathers,” shouts American actress Lily Tomlin as she pumps up revellers ahead of Sydney’s famous and irreverent Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. “I want to see you basking in your own glory!” she yells as the gay pride parade, an annual event which has enjoyed a growing international profile in recent years, kicks off under rainy skies.

Comedian Tomlin was a celebrity guest at this month’s Mardi Gras and one of thousands of foreigners joining what has become a major cultural event in the Asia-Pacific. “It’s welcoming, it’s fun and entertaining and slightly irreverent,” says Mardi Gras chief executive Michael Rolick of the raucous parade of some 8,500 people — dressed as everything from bikers to angels — which was watched by tens of thousands more who lined the streets.

The parade is known for its outrageous costumes, and scores of participants dressed as brides and grooms in support of gay marriage, while others wore cheerleading outfits, chain mail, hot pants or, in some cases, not much at all. Rolick believes that for the past 10 or 15 years the parade has been Australia’s best known cultural event, and a must-see for tourists along with the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge and Bondi beach.

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Will Croatia Host European Gay Championship in 2012?

Author: , March 25th, 2011

Croatia Gay TravelThe European Gay Championship has been suggested as a possible addition to Split’s calendar, perhaps tempting both sportsmen and spectators to travel to Croatia in the near future.

Due to take place in March next year, the event features a variety of sports and is organised by the European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation, explained the Croatian Times following a report by Slobodna Dalmacija.

Split is scheduled to host a Gay Pride rally this June and it is thought its suitability as host of the sports competition will be judged once the festival is over.

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Next Destination: Cuernavaca

Author: , March 24th, 2011
by Andie, La Nuestra, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
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Want to Get Married in Mexico? | Looking for a Realtor in Mexico?

Gay Cuernavaca, Mexico

When you fly to Mexico City, you will certainly enjoy the history, sights, and the gay nightlife of the “big city”. But when you are ready for an escape, take an air conditioned and very comfortable “Pullman of Morelos” bus down to the “Ciudad de Primavera Eternal,” the city of Eternal Spring.

Lesbian Cuernavaca, MexicoAs the bus travels down the autopista and your ears start to pop due to the change of altitude be sure to look out the window to see the wondrous changes of scenery once you leave Mexico City. You’ll still notice some huge billboards for a while, but slowly you will gaze upon mountains, farm land, and pine trees. After an hour and a half, you will arrive in Cuernavaca.

Cuernavaca is a small city that has everything. And it all is easily accessible from the centro, (the center) the main part of town, where there is a large “zocalo.”

Cuernavaca NativeThis is the meeting place for sitting on benches and listening to the strolling mariachis, as well as the location of all the festivities and musical events. From here you can take the well known ‘tourist bus’ that gives you a historical narration and takes you around the city so you can get your bearings.

The colors will delight you! Enjoy the blooming trees and shrubs from bougainvillea, jacaranda, tabichines and much more. Need a Starbucks fix? Not a problem; there are 3 of them.

The choices of restaurants are amazing from a simple 40 peso “comida corrida”(a fixed price meal) to 5 star dinning experiences. Make sure you experience the famous “La Mananitas” Hotel and Restaurant to see the peacocks strolling in the gardens, have a cocktail and enjoy the afternoon.

Cuernavaca CathedralThe city has so much to offer a tourist. The Jardin Borda is a gem with gardens, walking paths, a cafe, and Museum. In the summer beautiful musical concerts are held outdoors. You will visit the famous 16th century cathedral on the corner of Avenida Morelos and Hidalgo.

The reknown Robert Brady Museum (pictured at the top of this article) is housed inside the walls of an ex-convent. (Nezalhualcoyotl and Hidalgo – very close to the cathedral. The Palace of Cortes (his summer palace) is now a history museum and in walking distance from both the cathedral and the Robert Brady Museum. And don’t miss the Mercado – a huge labyrinth full of items from shoelaces to wonderful fruits, vegetables, meats and, of course flowers.

Don’t forget to take a tour of the Route of Zapata or have a delicious lunch at an ex-hacienda such as ex-Hacienda de Cortes.

Cuernavaca has been home to many a star of stage and screen as well as authors and artists such as Leonard Bernstein, Helen Hayes, and Barbara Hutton.

Take a break from your reality! Savor your escape!

La Nuestra, CuernavacaAnd where will you stay? We suggest that while in Cuernavaca you make a reservation at La Nuestra Bed and Breakfast. Nancy and Andie have owned and operated La Nuestra for 7 years and always enjoy meeting people from around the globe. They have hosted people from as far away as Europe and as near as Mexico City, where many residents love to come to “vacation for the weekend” to enjoy the good food, beautifully and comfortably appointed rooms, warm pool and gracious hosts. Andie and Nancy offer their guests some of the best American style breakfasts this side of the border. Put on your sandals and shuffle over to the pool-side dining area for your morning delight. Fresh squeezed orange juice, a special blend of coffee, fresh fruit and a hot course which could include baked eggs, omelets, pancakes or French toast. If you want a lighter fare, they are happy to accommodate your request.

Cuernavaca is a resort city without the ocean. La Nuestra has a lovely, huge, solar heated pool, surrounded by a garden of palm trees, and other tropical plants and flowers which flourish in the city of eternal spring. You will also find lovely lounge chairs around the pool, an outside computer for your use, a cozy hammock. You will find six gay night spots within a 35 peso taxi ride, but once you arrive at La Nuestra you may just want to “chill”, kick back and do very little. The currently “hot” spot is called Gula – Gula at 1006 Zapata (777) 372 1187). While in the centro there is Engima -where you can catch a drag show. Salazar 34 (777 183-9353). There are 2 big movie theaters usually showing blockbuster movies (each has at least 10 theaters), or you can go into the Centro for a light meal, and attend the local theater for a concert or dance program. If the ocean beckons, Acapulco is a 3 hour bus ride away on a very comfortable air conditioned; bathroom equipped bus. Andie and Nancy can also offer suggestions for the many day trip options from Cuernavaca, including the silver city of Taxco and the mystical town of Tepoztlan.

Featured Gay Friendly Accommodations: Speedwell Forge, Lititz, Pennsylvania

Author: , March 24th, 2011

Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay.

Gay Friendly Pennsylvania Dutch Country Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, and Vacation Rentals

Speedwell Forge, Lititz, PALooking for a romantic getaway in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country? Come stay with us at Speedwell Forge Bed & Breakfast, and xperience the elegance of a Colonial ironmaster’s mansion!

Our Dutch Country B&B was completely restored in 2006. Each of our guest rooms has a private bath, individual thermostat, and wifi internet access, and most rooms also have a romantic fireplace and whirlpool tub. You’ll also find authentic hand-made amish quilts and beautiful hardwood floors. The private cottages offer a kitchenette, and are ideal for longer stays. Cable TV and DVD players are available for all rooms.

Speedwell Forge Bed & Breakfast suts in a secluded valley on 120 acres, between a lake and a natural park. We;re just minutes from the historic small towns of Lititz, Manheim, Ephrata, and all of Pennsylvania Dutch country.

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Berlin: Even Better The Third Time

Author: , March 24th, 2011

Third time in Berlin and the experience gets richer and easier, while traveling on business the leisure opportunities are immense when immersing yourself with the locals. Berliners are certainly a mixed bunch more often than not comfortable speaking English and keen to interact with visitors (or tourists)!

The city is incredibly cheap for an international and capital city; it’s also incredibly simple to navigate and is still small enough not to be at the mercy of a stampede of people on every walk way like that of London or Paris.

Steeped in a rich yet morbid 20th century history this ancient yet incredibly young city is still growing up and out. Rebuilding and restoring architectural artifacts affected by the war while constructing monumental pieces in memory of the dead and classy artistic structures that make Berlin a fascinating fusion of new architectural concepts. The sheer determination and commitment of Berliners whether German or otherwise demonstrates their courage to raise from the ashes a confident and proud diverse community that the rest of the world can look towards.

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Amsterdam Trying to Burnish Gay Friendly Image

Author: , March 24th, 2011

Amsterdam, The NetherlandsAmsterdam is one of Europe’s most popular destinations, drawing millions of tourists each year looking to savour its tolerant and chilled-out atmosphere. The Dutch port city is also known as the ‘Gay Capital of the World’ but despite its reputation as a beacon of tolerance and diversity, a couple of high-profile attacks on homosexuals in recent years have led city officials to take steps to improve the situation.

Extra police patrols now protect gay tourists while a support programme is in place for the city’s gay community. Amsterdam has no distinct gay neighbourhood but instead bars and clubs are spread all over the city.

The Dutch were one of the first countries in the world to pass equal civil rights laws for gays and lesbians, including same-sex marriage. ‘Amsterdam has now really become become the gay capital of the world,’ then city mayor Job Cohen said following the first such ceremony on April 1, 2001. A decade has now passed since that momentous day and Amsterdam is using the anniversary to polish its slightly tarnished rainbow-friendly image.

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Gay Travel: Thailand’s Little Slice of Heaven at Railay Beach

Author: , March 24th, 2011

Railay Beach, ThailandOur latest Thailand hot spot is a literal slice of heaven, Railay Beach. You may not have heard of this place before but it is actually considered one of Thailand’s most sought after beaches which is located on a peninsula in the Krabi province halfway between the city of Krabi and Ao Nang Beach. Railay is surrounded by huge limestone rocks that shoot out of the Earth makeing this place accessible only by a thai long-tail boats.

There are gorgeous white sand beaches, soaring limestone cliffs, caves, and dotted by lush forests, hidden lagoons, cliffs and overhangs shaped and fed by the changing tides. There are many beautiful and affordable resort choices in Railay Beach, which itself is separated into two sections, West Railay and East Railay.

East Railay is the docking point for boats arriving from Krabi and is primarily covered in dense mangrove which is unsuitable for swimming and West Railay Beach being the more beautiful and swimmable beach of the two sections. Both parts are connected via a 5 minute nice and easily walkable pathway.

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Featured Gay Friendly Accommodations: Mount Morris House, Manhattan

Author: , March 23rd, 2011

Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay.

Gay Friendly New York City Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, and Vacation Rentals

Mount Morris House, Manhattan, New YorkMount Morris House Bed & Breakfast offers luxurious gay-owned accommodations and New York’s best breakfast in a gorgeous turn-of-the-century New York townhouse.

Come stay with us in one of our spacious bedroom suites, which offer private bathrooms and separate dressing rooms, and make yourself at home in our historic New York residence with grand reception rooms and our own private garden.

Our Manhattan home waqs originally built in 1888 at the height of New York’s Gilded Age, and offers a wonderful example of that period’s splendid architecture. The luxurious, over-the-top lifestyle of New York’s wealthy at the turn of the 20th century is reflected in the building’s sumptuous materials, precious woods, intricate carvings, gilding and plaster moldings, largeliving spaces, high ceilings, any large closet spaces, and every imaginable amenity.

Located on Mount Morris Park, one of New York’s landmark neighborhoods that’s included in the National Register of Historic Places, our Manhattan bed and breakfast has been carefully restored with great respect for the original details and attention to all the modern amenities.

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Scotland: Visiting Glasgow’s Oldest Gay Pub

Author: , March 23rd, 2011

The Waterloo, Glasgow’s oldest gay pub, is a haven for old and young but an unofficial hierarchy determines who stands where.

‘OH, YEAH,” says Mark, a fortysome-thing with close-cropped hair and a collarless leather jacket, “you can get a lumber in The Waterloo, if that’s what you’re after.”

The Waterloo is Glasgow’s oldest gay bar, some say the oldest in Scotland. A framed sign proclaims that this pub has been “serving the gay community for over 30 years”. Many of the regulars will tell you that, in fact, it’s been closer to half a century.

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