Gay Travel: Being Out in Italy

Published Date Author: , March 16th, 2011

Gay Italy TravelAcross the other side of the world, beginning from ancient pasts is the beautiful country of Italy. Rich in tradition the country is the location of some of the more historical and popular sights of the world including the Vatican. With a strong connection to the Vatican it could easily be said that Italy is not the best place to find acceptance for being a homosexual. This view may be misplaced as there was a general showing of approval when it came to telling people that I am gay.

Some of my friends did not pick up on my sexuality unless they were figuratively hit over the head with the actual words “I’m gay”. Some I told simply shrugged and took it in their stride while others thought I made a linguistic error in saying boyfriend instead of girlfriend. If I was not prepared to bring up the topic of my sexuality then it appeared that it is the Italian women who, in hushed voices, are more willing to jump directly to the questions, mainly “do you have a girlfriend?”

Potentially surprising is how some Italian parents and their close family units react to such news despite their traditional and strict Catholic heritage. The sexuality of their child does not change a thing and as discovered “lo stesso” or “the same” is a quick response used to signal that their child is still the same person and nothing has changed.

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