Seattle on Lots of Lists, But Still Gay Friendly

Published Date Author: , January 2nd, 2011

Gay Friendly SeattleThank the rankings-happy editors at Forbes. Or blame our reputation for wearing flannel and the infamous socks-sandals combo. Whatever the reason, Seattle landed on a lot of lists in 2010.

Some we can be proud of. Others — err — not so much. And then there are a few I just don’t know what to think about.

Let’s recap. Based on how Seattle has stacked up in polls and rankings — some more scientific then others, mind you — the city’s personal ad would read something like this:

“Even though I’m getting up there in years (I was born in 1869), I’d like to find a young companion. A college student, maybe. Don’t let my age fool you; I’ve been told I’m pretty cool and fairly romantic. I’ve also been told I need to work on my personal appearance, but I’d rather read a book than pick out clothes. Our first date probably wouldn’t be too extravagant, and we’d probably have to take the bus. (I’m not a good driver, and bad traffic only makes things worse.) We’d probably go for coffee, or maybe to the nation’s best cocktail bar. Or maybe we’ll just read a book. Did I mention I like to read? You should know I’m especially good with men and extremely gay-friendly.”

Full Story from the Seattle PI

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