Gay Caribbean: Sailing Paradise on Earth

Published Date Author: , January 5th, 2011

by Willem,

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Gay Caribbean

Adventure trips in the Caribbean. The challenge of the ocean and discovering the Creole atmosphere is an attractive cocktail. The ocean is azure blue and the beaches pearl white with waving palm trees. A fantastic location for sailing and anchoring in picturesque bays.

You can swim, scuba dive by the coral reefs or climb a volcano. And have fresh lobster on the bbq at the beach.

Gay CaribbeanNext comes Martinique, the tropical island with a French touch.  St Anne is the most southern village on Martinique, where you’ll find a wonderful local market with fruits, vegetables, homemade jams and liqueurs – a nice way to get acquaintance with the local Creole people.

Gay CaribbeanOr check out St. Lucia, the next volcanic island with jungle like vegetation. St Lucia is an independent island, its proud population give the island a swinging Caribbean atmosphere. On a jungle tour you can see a wide variety of tropical fruits and flowers in the course of a single afternoon. St. Lucia also features the old robbers’ den Marigot bay, a beautiful cove with mangroves that’s a lovely tropical paradise.

Gay CaribbeanSt. Lucia also features the village of Soufrierre,  with the famous Pitons. Here you can take tour, guided by locals, up to the mountain to a bubbling sulphur geyser. Then you return, downhill, through the tropical forest with its lush vegetation and its numerous waterfalls. At the bottom of the mountain there is a warm water spring in which you can bathe.

The next independent island is St. Vincent, where you can climb the island’s majestic volcano.

Gay CaribbeanThe next island is Mustique, a private island and unique in the Grenadines. The world’s wealthiest people have their vacation mansions here. Cocktails in the world famous Cotton club and a ride on the island give you a rich feeling. It is in big contrast with the other islands in the Caribbean.

Another wonderful spot is in the Tobaga Cays – there’s a big horse shoe shape coral reef, an ideal natural anchorage for scuba diving, deep sea diving, and swimming. It’s also a great place for a BBQ on the beach.

Gay CaribbeanBeyond this, you’ll find the small island of Mayreau, with breathtaking few of the Tobago Cays. The blue colour gradations shows the horse shoe reef of the Cays. Enjoy some great food here, and afterwards go to a local party which always going on.

The island of Bequia, where the old whaling fishers were based, features a the turtle nursing home, as well as a a good dive shop were you can make a (beginners) dive.

In the Caribbean, you’ll often see pods of dolphins jumping out of the water as well as see whales. If you’re lucky, we you could even catch a nice tuna on the water. And there are many fantastic places for scuba diving and snorkling.

Gay SailGay Sail has an eight day and a fifteen day sailing trip with gay men in the Caribbean. With the Eastern trade winds in the sails we pass the tropical islands. We drop anchor near beautiful reefs and white beaches with palm trees.

Our next trips: January 24 – February 7. Fifteen day sailing trip in the Caribbean starting in Martinique sailing south dropping anchor at St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines. Price 1495 Euro pp; March 20 – March 27. Eight day sailing trip in the Caribbean staling around St Martin and calling at Anguilla and St Barths. Price 895 Eurp pp.

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ann woodside - Gravatar

ann woodside said on January 10, 2011, 8:31 pm:

What a shame the sailing trips are only for gay men! It would have been nice to have discovered that at the beginning of the article rather than at the end. It was hard for this lesbian to get so excited and then let down…

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