ALSO Boat People Gay Party Friday at Melbourne’s Midsumma

Published Date Author: , January 25th, 2011

ALSO Boat People party at Melbourne's MidsummaALSO’s Boat People party is about to sail into Midsumma. Kaye Sera has a chat with the captains of the ship.

Q: It seems ALSO are getting back into the business of producing parties. What’s the thinking behind this?

A: ALSO’s ability to reach, challenge and engage people has been very tied to its ability to entertain people; whether people want us to be back in the community dance party game, we’re still testing the waters. So if you want us to be putting on parties for the whole community, BUY A TICKET!

Q: ALSO are no strangers to the party scene – care to share a potted history of the golden days down on the docks?

A: It should be widely known that ALSO held the first dance party in Australia (Rawhide 1981) and it steadily grew from there. By the end of the 80s, ALSO’s Red Raw was only rivalled by New York’s Big Gay Dance Party as one of the two best parties in world.

Mardi Gras started to take over in numbers in the early 90s, with ALSO’s numbers peaking at over 8,000 at the docklands in 96. At this stage it was also presenting ALSO’s NYE Party, Resurrection (Easter) and Winterdaze (Queens Birthday). These parties had budgets of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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