Gay Travel: What to Do in Sarasota, Florida

Published Date Author: , December 19th, 2010

From The Curious Traveler:

I’m moving to Siesta Key and staying with the folks in November. Is there a “gay” area of Sarasota like Halsted St. in Lakeview in Chicago?
—Mark, Chicago, IL

Editor: While there is no gay “section” comparable to Halsted St. in Chicago, Sarasota’s LGBT community is known for making their own fun.

In addition to Passport’s article in August 2006, Gay in Sarasota ( is a wonderful resource. Sarasota has a history of gay bars opening and closing faster than you can order a drink, so it’s best to find out current LGBT hangouts from the locals.

Full Story from Passport Magazine

Click here for gay travel resources in Sarasota & Central Florida.

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Lynne Ittleman - Gravatar

Lynne Ittleman said on July 27, 2011, 6:50 pm:

planning a week away from DREADFUL lakeland: a funky 7 nite B&B perhaps. have not had any gay contact in lakeland after leaving all gay friends in ft lauderdale. what do you suggest?

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