Postcards From An Italian Adventure – Moon Over the Arno, Then Monterosso

Published Date Author: , September 7th, 2010

Postcards From An Italian Adventure:

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Our dear friend, Bella (Dolly Goolsby) is on an extended adventure in Italy. She has graciously agreed to let us republish her travel logs. Enjoy!

Moon Over the Arno - Florence, Tuscany

Monday, August 30th

Arno River at NightI cannot believe how fast this week has gone. If you read my last blog post, you will know that I came back from Viareggio on Monday afternoon. My young friend, Amanda, was waiting for me at my apartment. It was good to see her again. Her family had gone back to Mexico on Saturday, and she had some free time before visiting other friends, so was spending a few days with me.

We decided, in the late afternoon, to take our cameras, and get some more pictures of Florence. The wind was blowing a bit, and there were still too many people around, therefore, our photo shoot in the afternoon didn’t amount to much. We went to a nice little restaurant near the Arno, had dinner, then went back to the river when it was dark.

I had seen the full moon when I was in Viareggio, so looked at my calendar, to find that Tuesday would be the official full moon. We walked down to the Ponte Amerigo Vespucci, so that we were able to look back at the Ponte Vecchio. The wind had stopped, the water on the river was as still as glass.

We got some pretty good shots, as you will see. We finally got back to the apartment about 11:00 p.m. We had had a very nice day, but we were going to go to Cinque Terre on Tuesday, so we had to pack and get some sleep.


Early Tuesday we took the train to Monterosso. We had reserved a room in a quaint little hotel right on the main street.

As soon as we checked in, we got out beach things, and headed to Marina Stella, where we rented an umbrella and 2 lounge chairs. It was a very convenient place, as the Marina also had an outdoor cafe; we never had to leave the place. We were marvelously lazy, just swam, read our books, had lunch, and repeated the swimming, reading and an occasional nap.

MonterossoWe finally dragged ourselves back to the hotel, got cleaned up and went to dinner. After dinner, we took some pictures of full moon at Monterosso. We really took advantage of that full moon!

Wednesday we repeated the activities of Tuesday, but we took the train to Vernazza to have dinner. Amanda had not been to Cinque Terre before, so this was a nice treat for her. We were able to enjoy the beach again on Thursday, as our train back to Florence did not leave until 4:00 in the afternoon.

We did take a walk to the Old Town of Monterosso, as well as walked through Vernazza, so Amanda got a taste of Cinque Terre.

Today she left for Padua to visit more friends. I am alone once again, but Frank will be arriving in a few days, along with our good friends, Ron and Jo. Then I can be a Mamma Duck once again. Greg, Patty and Aja Garcia will join us here on September 20.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of our full moon photo sessions, and also, the beach shots of Monterosso.

Ciao for now.


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