Emerging Gay Travel Destinations: Vanuatu

Published Date Author: , September 27th, 2010

Vanuatu - Gay Travel DestinationVanuatu will be one of your always-remembered, true paradise destinations.  Many savvy travelers are exuding “diamond in the rough, smiles from everyone, unspoiled, tropical forests, many active volcanoes and remarkable cultural diversity.” When do we leave?

Another advantage — it takes a while to get there, so as with the Maldives, Reunion Island, Darwin, Sri Lanka, Zanzibar and many other places on our globe, most of your friends and family haven’t been there. During World War Two, the islands inspired James Michener to write Tales of the South Pacific.  Then came the play and the film.

Words he wrote as a young lieutenant in Santos – “Coconut palms nodding gracefully toward the ocean, Reefs upon which waves broke into spray and inner lagoons, lovely beyond description. I wish I could tell you about the sweating jungle, and that full moon raising behind the volcanoes.”

Ready?  Though far away, this pristine collection of islands has luxury accommodations, fascinating shopping and fabulous food.

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rex-marten - Gravatar

rex-marten said on January 15, 2013, 5:24 am:

everything is right, vanuatu is the most fascinating islands-country I ever traveled to, and the people are amazing, i love Nivanuatu, such honest and lovely people, its still a paradise, but the meal is horrible hahahaha but that is not important at all, the rest of that paradise is so amazing, that just food is not destroying everything. go there its a lives greatest experience.

Seb - Gravatar

www.vanuatutravel.info Seb said on December 11, 2014, 12:36 am:

One of Vanuatu Unique Selling Point is actually the fact you find there delicious meals compared to other South Pacific destinations.
The French heritage is very present, several around the World cuisines (Asian-Fusion, Chinese, Filipino, French, Grills, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Tex-Mex, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.) are available, the islands fresh and organic produces make Vanuatu a great place to go for soft-adventurous travelers also food-lovers.

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