Mexico City Aims to Become Gay Travel Mecca

Published Date Author: , July 28th, 2010

Gay Friendly Mexico City Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, and Vacation Rentals

Mexico City’s gay community has in recent decades turned the capital into a relative oasis in a strongly Catholic country reknowned for its conservatism and machismo. The authorities in the Mexican capital are now seeking to attract gay tourism, even though there is still widespread discrimination against them.

The city is well placed “to become the first gay friendly destination in Latin America,” said tourism secretary, Alejandro Rojas. In March, the urban sprawl of some 20 million people celebrated the first legal gay and lesbian weddings in Latin America. And this week, authorities said they had opened the first tourism office for homosexuals in the region.

Gay tourists are discerning, respectful and spend 47 percent more than heterosexual tourists, Rojas said. His leftist city government last week offered a free honeymoon here to the first gay couple to wed in Argentina after that country legalized same-sex marriages in the whole country.

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Josefina Argüello - Gravatar

Josefina Argüello said on August 3, 2010, 3:36 am:

I´m glad Mexico is becaming a gay friendly place.
This is a tip for Gay tourists: if you are going for a vacation only, and you want a friendly, affordable, gay travel destination where you are sure to have fun, privacy when you desire, and acquire many new friends, relax, and enjoy your stay, because you will never regret traveling to Acapulco.

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