Asia’s Top Gay Friendly Travel Spots

Published Date Author: , May 17th, 2010

It’s International Day Against Homophobia today, and while some parts of Asia are a little bit backward when it comes to tolerating, let along embracing, alternative lifestyles, there are a few cities that are leading the pack with gusto. Here’s a quick rundown on the continent’s top spots that are happy to be gay.

Nepal’s first gay public marriage took place in 2006. To say that Nepal is a major gay travel spot right now may be stretching the point, considering its not-so-illustrious past. Homosexuality was a crime in Nepal up till 2007, with gays being harassed routinely by law enforcement, and Maoists condemning them as a “product of capitalism.”

But change is in the air. Nepal is now being touted as the next big gay travel destination in Asia, with the tourism board toying with the idea of promoting same-sex weddings on Everest and elephant safaris for gays (we’ll spare you the ‘Brokeback’ jokes for now). The country will host the first Asian Symposium on Gay and Lesbian Tourism in June, and is making great strides in the recognition of gay rights thanks to a flamboyant gay activist and a member of parliament called Sunil Pant.

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