British Bed & Breakfast Turns Away Gay Couple

Published Date Author: , March 22nd, 2010

A gay couple were turned away from a Berkshire guest house by the owner who said it was “against her convictions” for two men to share a bed. Michael Black and John Morgan, from Brampton, Cambridgeshire, had booked a double room at the Swiss B&B, Terry’s Lane, in Cookham, for Friday night. But when they arrived owner Susanne Wilkinson refused to let them stay.

She admitted she did turn the couple away because it was against her policy to accommodate same sex couples. The couple have now reported the matter to Thames Valley Police. Under the Equality Act 2006 it is illegal to discriminate against people on the grounds of sexual orientation.

Ms Wilkinson told the BBC: “They gave me no prior warning and I couldn’t offer them another room as I was fully booked. I don’t see why I should change my mind and my beliefs I’ve held for years just because the government should force it on me. I am not a hotel, I am a guest house and this is a private house.”

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Weldon - Gravatar Weldon said on April 19, 2010, 11:53 am:

I just cant belive that this would happen in 2010 They should have come to Dublin and stay at my Guesthouse

Morgan - Gravatar

Morgan said on April 19, 2010, 1:19 pm:

Thanks Purple Roofs for posting this story.

I now know a business to avoid and now it right here from USA. This woman’s name and that of her bigoted B+B is now internationally know as of today. Everyone who reads this shun her and boycott her. Let her business suffer for her homophobia. Her behavior is heartless and un-Christian. Judge not lest ye be judged or treat others as you would have them treat you is something she has yet to learn. Should I ever come to England when visiting Alba (Scotland), Cymru (Wales) Kernow (Cornwall, Ellan Vannin (Isle of Man) or Eire (Ireland) (the names of 5 of 6 Celtic language countries, counties, regions etc (Breizh or Brittany being a part of France) near England, I will avoid this homophobic woman’s place of public business a.k.a. a guesthouse. No place serving the public, even if a private home should be allowed to discriminate against race, nationality, sexual orientation, etc. She should not be allowed to take money from the general public and be allowed to discriminate at the same time. At least she had the decency and the sense to return this couple’s money and to not rob them blind. If she wants to discriminate, take away her right to operate as a B+B serving the public and let her serve only her personal friends, family and relatives and no-one else.

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