Relive Hollywood in Paris

Author: , May 25th, 2016
Moulin Rouge

Image via Flickr by Gabriel Villena Fernandez

“Paris is always a good idea,” said Audrey Hepburn, a Hollywood legend who acted in romantic movies that featured famous landmarks in Paris. With so many great motion pictures made in this European city, it’s no wonder it earns these three nicknames: The City of Love, The City of Romance, and The City of Lights.

Let’s traverse the romantic lanes in Paris and get a glimpse of the landmarks that grace it.

Moulin Rouge

Gone are the days of French courtesans in the city of Paris, but Moulin Rouge on Boulevard de Clichy is still alive with the “can-can” dance which the nation invented. Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor made this area more popular in the film with the same name. Watch a show or two and relive the past through glamorous cabaret performances.

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Paestum – Dolly Travels

Author: , May 25th, 2016

PaestumWe left Bella Roma behind for a few days to visit Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast and the ancient ruins of Paestum.

We hired Raffaele Monetti to take us on a day trip along the Amalfi Coast, down to Paestum. This area had been a city founded by the Greeks in the sixth century B.C. When the Romans invaded and captured the city in the third century B.C., they destroyed most of the buildings, but due to religious superstitions, the Romans were fearful of destroying the temples; therefore, the shells of 3 large Greek temples are still standing.

As I walked along an ancient road, I imagined myself dressed in the fashion of a Greek woman, carrying a basket of fruit and bread to my home in this city. I wondered how many feet had walked on this road, what did women of two thousand years ago think about as they walked on these stones?

I am always amazed at the knowledge of archeologists who uncover ancient ruins and know what they are seeing. How can they tell one pile of rocks from another? I am also impressed with the workmanship of the architects, engineers and builders of these temples, that they were able to draw up the plans and construct these huge edifices with only the tools available to them two thousand years ago.

We saw the ruins of an ancient tomb, one that is a mystery even to the experts, as to the purpose of this tomb. When the archeologists opened the tomb, there was no body in it. Also, another mystery is the placement of the tomb, as usually graves and tombs were placed outside the city walls.

We finally had to leave the ruins behind; my active imagination needed a rest, and it was getting late. Raffaele drove these two tired tourists back to Sorrento. It had been a full day of interesting sights and history lessons. We knew that food, drink and a good night’s rest awaited us in Sorrento.

Ciao for now,


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Tru Bahamian Food Tours: Gay Friendly Bahamas Food Tours

Author: , May 25th, 2016

Tru Bahamian Food Tours

Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay:

Tru Bahamian Food Tours offers unique and innovative local culinary experiences to visitors of The Bahamas in a safe, sustainable, and environmentally responsible manner. Our mission is to connect visitors with authentic local food items, the stories and traditions behind these foods, and the Bahamian entrepreneurs that prepare and preserve them.

Travel off the beaten touristic path to explore the intoxicating flavors of Nassau, Bahamas on a guided food tasting and cultural walking tour through this charming island city. Sample 6 delicious specialties (enough for a hearty lunch) as you follow your knowledgeable and friendly local guide from one eatery to the next.
Discover colonial Nassau, traveling away from busy Bay Street in search of authentic Bahamian flavors. Youa[euro](TM)ll eat your way through locally adored Nassau establishments, family-owned restaurants, and speciality boutiques as you stroll through Downtown’s storied neighborhood with your culinary guide.

See the In addition to our regular travel articles, we’re starting a regular travel round-up, for those stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we didn’t have time to add. Enjoy!

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San Diego’s East Village: Fringe No More

Author: , May 23rd, 2016

San Diego East Village

Fashions come and go, as do housing trends. Once folks left their urban environments and flowed into suburban green zones. Today the traffic is in the opposite direction, from the suburbs back to metropolitan centers rife with places to go and things to do.

A recent Nielsen report on trends reflecting millennials found just that. This group is fond of mixed use communities where housing is intermingled with stores, restaurants and service businesses. Activity is no longer shunned, and proximity is prized over serenity.

This trend offers an opportunity for communities down on their luck, or replete with a mixture of industrial and commercial properties, to be redeveloped into thriving live-work communities. This fate has befallen East Village, actually the largest urban neighborhood in downtown San Diego, located east of the Gaslamp quarter.

By Del Phillips – Full Story at LGBT Weekly

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Hershey Park Announces Trans-Friendly Policy

Author: , May 23rd, 2016

Hershey Park

From Hershey Park press release:

Every year, the employees of Hershey Entertainment & Resorts (HE&R) welcome over 6 million guests from down the street and around the world. We recognize that the more perspectives we have within our company, the more welcoming we are to all those who visit and seek employment here. In fact, our company has four core values, one of which is “respectful of others,” which we define as treating all people with dignity, while respecting their differences and ideas.

For decades, Hersheypark has been dedicated to the safety and security of our guest and employees. It is foundational to our brand. Additionally, the Park has and will always strive to accommodate all guests and employees – including members of the LGBT community – to ensure those visiting or working at Hersheypark are comfortable and feel secure. To that end, the Park will continue its practice of treating all guests and employees the same no matter race, ethnicity, sexual identity, etc. Guests and employees may continue to use the restrooms with which they gender-identify, or are welcome to use the many family restrooms available across the destination.

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Ringo Starr and His All Star Band

Author: , May 22nd, 2016

Ringo Starr and His All Star Band Ringo Starr, also evening smallknown as Richard Starkey, started his career as the drummer for The Beatles in 1962. After the band broke up, Ringo went solo in 1970, producing two albums within 2 years, Sentimental Journey and Beaucoup of Blues. In 1973 his greatest solo success was Ringo, with hits like “You’re sixteen”, “Photograph” and “It Don’t Come Easy”. After beginning his solo musician career Starr also produced, directed and starred in many films, such as “Born to Boogie”, “Son of Dracula” and “Caveman”. Since 1989, Ringo Starr has toured with twelve variations of the band, where “everybody on stage is a star in their own right.” Everyone from Joe Walsh of The Eagles Clarence Clemmons from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band have played in Ringo’s All-Starr Band. The band has consistently toured for over two decades, and rotates its line-up depending on the musicians’ projects and availability at any given time. Experience a very special evening with the legendary Ringo Starr and his all Star Band on June 10.

Book your Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion accommodation at the romantic Glynn House Inn. Guests enjoy gracious surroundings, delicious food, uncompromising service and genuine hospitality. A multi-course gourmet breakfast is served at separate tables in the Victorian dining room. A full gluten free breakfast menu is always available. Afternoon refreshments and early evening wine and cheese are offered daily. Bring your favorite four-footed canine pal. Reserve one of five pet friendly rooms. Pamper yourself and book an in-room massage. Available in most guest rooms.

Are you looking for other activities during your visit to New Hampshire’s spectacular White Mountains and Lakes Regions? Venture away from the Inn and enjoy art galleries, ATV Rides, boating, fine dining, fishing, golf, hiking, historic sites, horseback riding, zip line and tax free shopping. Or, simply experience the delightful New Hampshire countryside. Inn guests enjoy savings on many activities too. View the Glynn House website for additional information about the Inn, special offers  and local activities. Book Your ‘RIngo Starr and His All Star Band’ accommodation Now or call (603) 968 3775.

Wonderfully Weird Austin – Globetrotter Girls

Author: , May 22nd, 2016

Austin - Dani

Oh, Austin… I don’t even know where to start.. This city has swept me off my feet the minute I got here! Over the years, I’ve been told by several people that I should go and check out Austin because I’d like it and it was ,my kind of city’ (and that’s what piqued my curiosity and made me eventually come here!). And yes, they were absolutely right!

So what’s ‘Dani’s kind of city’, you’re asking? A green city. A city filled with food trucks. A city filled with craft beer bars, some of which have over 100 (!!) beers on tap. A city with more live music venues I could possibly visit in a month. A dog friendly city where dogs have their own little beaches along the river.

A city where apartment complexes don’t only come with communal swimming pools and BBQ areas, but also with kayak parking lots and their own docks on the river. A city where there are more kayaks and SUPs on the river than cars on the road (who am I kidding, the traffic in Austin is definitely something that we need to work on.. but still: on weekends, there are so many kayaks and SUPs on the river that it seems like half of Austin is out on the Colorado River).

By Dani – Full Story at Globetrotter Girls

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Bella Roma – Dolly Travels

Author: , May 22nd, 2016

Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II, Rome

Early Tuesday morning, under leaden gray skies that seemed to hover over the nearby fields and the tarmac of Roma Fiumincino airport, our plane landed. The pilots had done a fine job, getting us to Rome 45 minutes ahead of schedule. After gathering our luggage, we took a a cab to our hotel. We were too early to check in, so we put our luggage in the hotel storeroom and set off to see the city.

We walked to Piazza Venezia, found a table at an outdoor cafe and sat down to enjoy the never-ending show of traffic, pedestrians dodging the vehicles, a policeman blowing his whistle that no one heeded. We had a good view of the Vittorio Emmanuel Monument as well. Many Italians say that the monument is too ornate for this area, right by the Roman Forum and the Capitoline Hill. I like it, though.

One can go inside, pay to go to the roof (Roma dal Cielo, Translated as Rome from the Sky). This is one of the best places to get a view of the entire city of Rome. There are plaques around the walls of this rooftop, to tell one what you are seeing, and remind you that you are right in the center of Ancient Rome. All those piles of rocks inside the fenced-off areas below are the remains of the buildings of the greatest empire of all time.

When we tired of people watching, we walked back to our hotel. We stopped for lunch along the way, had a pizza and a salad, and a large bottle of water. When we arrived at our hotel and got checked in, it was almost 4:00 p.m. We had been up for about 30 hours by then; therefore, my rule to not take a nap on the first day went right out the window. We showered, got into our jammies and never left the hotel again that day.

The next day, we were up early, had breakfast and kept our touring to the neighborhood. I needed to buy train tickets for the rest of our trip, so we spent a couple hours in the train station. Then we went to the National Museum, walked around neighborhoods that were familiar, and found some new places.

In the evening, in one of the newly discovered (by us), we walked down to the Monti district. This area had some trendy boutiques and many restaurants. Eventually, we decided to have dinner at a restaurant in the Piazza dei Monti. We enjoyed pasta alla Vongole, a delicious salad of beet, strawberries, ricotta cheese on a bed of watercress, plus a glass of red house wine.

DollyI was delighted that the house red wine was Rosso di Montepulciano. So many good memories of the month I stayed in that town, attending Italian language school. However, when I saw the bartender pour my glass of wine from a huge 2-liter jug, I was a bit concerned. No worries, though. The wine was delicious and inexpensive. We had enjoyed a good meal and a memorable evening and almost stayed within our budget.

After dinner, we walked the 2 miles, more or less, back to our hotel, stopping once for a gelato.

We did not attempt to see any of the major Roman attractions in these 2 days. We simply rested, got ourselves acclimated to the time change. Next, we will go onto Sorrento for three days, then return to Rome for a longer stay. Life is good in Bella Roma.

Ciao for now,

By Dolly Goolsby – Full Story at Dolly Travels

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Casa Cupula: Gay Puerto Vallarta Hotel

Author: , May 22nd, 2016

Casa Cupula

Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay:

Casa Cupula is a 22 room luxury boutique hotel located in the exclusive Amapas neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta, close to the gay beach, bars, restaurants in the “Zona Romantica”. Since opening in 2002, we have become renowned for excellent personalized service, uniquely designed beautiful rooms, and ample facilities to spread out and relax among beautiful tropical foliage.

Enjoy gourmet Mexican cuisine at Taste Restaurant at Casa Cupula, one of Vallarta’s finest destination restaurants. Whether it’s room service, a private dinner under the stars, or a hosted private party or event, you’ll appreciate the quality. Stay in shape with a workout at Pump Gym & Spa, or relax with a massage in our spa treatment room or in our steam room.

Casa Cupula is gay owned and operated and we are delighted to welcome members of the LGBT community and friends to this special place, where you can be yourself and rejuvenate while taking in all the wonder of Puerto Vallarta’s extensive attractions.

Puerto Vallarta is well beyond “gay friendly”, having been known worldwide as a famous LGBT destination since the 1960s.

You can stay at any mainstream hotel or a condo, but Casa Cupula uniquely offers a sense of community and enrichment that is often missing from day to day life. Many guests have met friends at Casa Cupula who have become friends for life, returning year after year. Our staff is the best part, treating each and every guest as a friend to help you get the most out of your vacation. Our concierges know gay PV because they ARE gay PV.

We’re pet friendly and technology savvy, with everything you need to stay connected and entertained from wifi to Apple TV, USB ports and Bluetooth iHome radios.

At Casa Cupula, we treasure uniqueness and diversity. We embrace each individual guest as a friend, no matter who you are or where you come from.

Casa Cupula offers sophisticated amenities to make your stay relaxing and indulgent. These include:

  • Casa Cupula’s Dream Bed with:
    – Thick Pillow Top Mattresses and fluffy mattress covers
    – 400+ Thread Count Cotton Sateen Sheets
    – Reading Lamps
    – Extra Pillows (both feather and synthetic)
    – Blankets
  • Air Conditioning and Ceiling Fans
  • In-room Mini fridges
  • Oversized Fluffy Towels
  • Luxury bath amenities by DAMANA*
  • Bathrobes and slippers**
  • Hair Dryer
  • Coffee Makers
  • Large room safes for laptop/camera
  • USB plugs
  • Free, high speed WiFi Internet
  • LED TVs
  • Cable TV
  • iHome Radio with Bluetooth

Vista Rooms also offer:

  • Apple TV with free Netflix
  • Home Theater with BlueRay DVD

Suites also offer:

  • Dolce Gusto Capsule Coffee Machines
  • We pamper our Suite guests with added benefits during regular, peak and holiday rate periods*
  • Voucher for a la carte breakfast each day (excludes beverages)
  • Free upgrade from regular to VIP transportation (one round trip up to 2 persons)

*Not included during “saver” and “super saver” rate periods or with discounted rates or Travel Deal rates.

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At the Gay Beach in Cuba

Author: , May 21st, 2016

Cuba gay beach

Mi Cayito, which is Havana’s unofficial gay beach, on Sunday afternoon turned into quite the party. Beachgoers were dancing perreo (an overtly sexual dance to reggaeton music) that leaves very little to the imagination. A group of men were playing volleyball while a lesbian couple cuddled under a makeshift umbrella they set up nearby. A young boy was flying a kite.

It was a relaxing afternoon on my first full day in Cuba, which brought me to this section of Playas del Este that is roughly 15 miles east of Havana. The trip thus far seems a bit less uncertain — and dare I say less complicated — than when I visited the Communist island for the first time in May 2015.

The process through which an American must go in order to travel to Cuba remains unnecessarily complicated, even though the Obama administration has formally restored diplomatic relations with the country. The cost of a 45 minute charter flight from Miami to Havana is simply absurd. The need to check into it four hours before its scheduled departure — which was at 2:30 a.m. on Saturday at Miami International Airport for me — is even worse. With this complaining aside, the little things appear to have been made a bit less complicated on this side of the Florida Straits.

By Michael K. Lavers – Full Story at The Washington Blade

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